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Top Vivah.Com I Aligarh-City

Top Vivah.Com I Aligarh-City

Top Vivah.Com I Aligarh-City

Top Vivah.Com I Aligarh-City

Top Vivah.Com I Aligarh-City


All Type Riste Are Available

Overview. Vivah.Com Was Established in 2004. Its founder Mr.Rau singh Lohe Wale.He has a Succesful Property Dealer Experience With 14years.

Mr.Raju singh blieving it to be a more marketable name.Its intial Succes was primarily among poor girls and to help thier parents who were hesitant to arrange marriages through to a new stat up.Despite Some early personnel throubles.but Mr.Raju Singh has fougth thier trouble. The first was opened in Aligarh we are reaching to those parents who are worry about their daughter marriage from online Macth making.we are going to open many more centers in India.We to do marrige either girls,widows or divorcee.

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Recongnition . Vivah.Com is become very popular in indiaas family it has been to doing completed 73 marriage since last 3years and many more will be to doing in future.Nirdhan kanya,widows and divorcee are included in, We to do their marriage with free Registration. is working for parents. - Registration proces

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* alos we to do Inter caste marriage and Inter caste marriage 

Age group -(A)   20-30 ys.

                  (B)  30-40 ys.

                  (C)  40-50 ys.

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